About Us

We are a furnishings design and production house based in Cairo, Egypt. We provide our services for both residential and commercial projects. We draw from local and international inspirations, in collaboration with the best local craftsmen and manufacturers.

We started off in 2014 by refurbishing our own old and used furniture, giving it another life and refitting it into our daily lives. We expanded to our family and friends until we found our calling. To beautify spaces. The Spring Project was founded.

Our decoration services include furnishing, curating and styling including:

- Furniture plan layout (drawings, mood board, furniture board)

- In-house and outsourced furniture production (we connect you to the best furniture manufacturers and suppliers in town)

- Following up on furniture completion and production process

- Styling and furnishing completions

We work to integrate the needs and aspirations of our clients to come up with creations that maintain functionality and ensure optimum outcome.